Artist/Company INFO

Tsuyoshi Shirai (Abst / baneto)

choreographer, dancer

Tsuyoshi Shirai is a former member of Kim Itoh + the Glorious Future. He received the “Prix d’Auteur de Conseil Générale de al Seine-Saint- Denis” with his work Living Room – the room of sand in 2000. His performances include Devil’s Story choreographed by Yuri Ng (Hong Kong) adapted from Stravinsky’s A Soldier’s Tale (04, 05, 10) and Kin-Jiki (Forbidden Colors) based on Yukio Mishima’s novel and created/choreographed by Kim Itoh (05). In 2006 - 2008, he collaborated with the famed Arditti String Quartet for John Cage’s Apartment House 1776 and toured 10 cities in Japan. In 2006, he was honored with first prize in the “Toyota Choreography Award” for mass, slide, & .. He formed a new company, AbsT, in 2006 with which he works in a new style of collaboration. For AbsT he has created Shihani-subsoil (06) and THECO-zako (07) to work with 7 contemporary musicians. In 2009, he re-created and presented THECO-zako in Luxembourg. His latest collaboration work true/本当のこと performed with Dumb Type members premiered in YCAM 2007 and toured to Singapore & NY (08), Europe & Brazil (09), and Hong Kong (10). His latest works, blue Lion (09) and still life (10) were premiered in Kyoto.