Node / The Old Man of the Desert

Dance & Media Art

Takayuki Fujimoto x Tsuyoshi Shirai


“Node / The Old Man of the Desert”


26—-28, May 2013

26th. Sun. 15:00 start    *post performance talk

27th. Mon. & 28th. Tue. 19:30 start

(door open 30 minutes before)


at KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre, Middle Studio


Node, a traffic hub where people from around the world come and go. The old man of the desert, our protagonist, collects the random information brought through here, enabling him to know everything about the world. With the ground vibrating and the throng of grotesque digitally-fertilized plants on the stage, it may be a desert, post catastrophe.

Created by a group of Butoh and contemporary dancers, a musician and a team of independent computer programmers, working under the direction of Takayuki Fujimoto from Dumb Type and choreographer Tsuyoshi Shirai, “The Old Man of the Desert” is an allegorical performance of the body and digital technology, reflecting the unprecedented reality we are facing today.



[Performer] Daisuke Yoshimoto (Butoh- Space Cradle), Takao Kawaguchi, Yuko Hirai, Kazma Gren, Tsuyoshi Shirai(AbsT)

[Music, Violin] Yasutaka Hemmi


[Direction, Lighting design] Takayuki Fujimoto (Kinsei R&D)

[Choreography] Tsuyoshi Shirai (AbsT)

[Dramaturg] Hiroyuki Takahashi

[Visual Programming] Ryo Kanda, Yoshito Onishi

[Audio/Visual Technical] Shintaro Kamijo (TMUG)

[Sound Programming] Akihiko Matsumoto, Ken Furudate

[System Programming] Takanobu Inafuku, Takuma Takahashi

[Device Programming] Motoi Ishibashi, Yoichi Sakamoto, Koichiro Mori

[Video] Naoto Iina, Hideyuki Tanaka

and more…


Box Office & inquiry


Tel. 03-3320-7217



Ticket on Sale!

In advance : 3,500 yen / At door : 4,000 yen

Students=  In advance : 2,500 yen / At door : 3,000 yen



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